06 Sep 2020

September 6, 2020

Not much on today, most of the limited time I got to work on anything on the computer was spent trying to figure out how to setup a website with Github pages, as I had essentially quite writing on my wordpress page because their “fancy” layout drove me crazy and I much prefer being able to write using vim and markdown, especially if it is combined with git/github. Apparently sometime in the past I created a repository for this but never set anything up on it. Well this evening I gave it a go, though that essentially consisted of writing a short intro and trying to figure out how to view it after deleting the default index page. Apparently I need to learn anything about how a website is actually setup, so I found the articles below that I plan to read when I get done with this. I want to have a site that is somewhat of a blog/homepage hybrid, hence the article choice. With that being said the day consisted of: