Not much actual learning got done today, but it was fun:

  • Experimented with different themes for the blog. Some of them wouldn’t work with Github Pages, including my favorite one. That was a little disappointing, but provides a learning oppertunity, as I will probably try to write a similar but compatible one!

  • Created a Google Analytics account. I did not get it setup on my website, but at least I will be able to soon.

  • Finished selling one of our cars. Not fun, but exciting.

  • Enjoyed the second day of very Autumnal weather with a bike ride with the family. We rode to downtown, got coffee and muffins, and then rode to Buffalo Park where we took a nice walk. Bike rides in Fall weather are one of our favorite things!

  • Had Buffalo Chicken and Instant Pot Mac and Cheese while watching Star Wars: A New Hope with one of our friends.