• Finding the Right Module in Heath Adam’s Practical Ethical Hacking course on Udemy.

    • A few issues came up when trying to download the mona.py script. I had issues with cURL when trying to download it in my Windows 10 environment. When I come up with a solution to this I will post it. My second attempt was to simply use vim to create the file directly in the directory. However, on my new install of Windows 10, I couldn’t paste the text into vim. Look below for the fix to this.
  • In the afternoon I helped flush the coolant system on a friend’s new 24 Hours of Lemons racecar. While flushing, we discovered that the coolant system has several leaks and also does not seem to be running coolant completely through the system very well. A “new” waterpump may be in order. In this race series, that cost of the vehicle less the cost of safety systems must be less than $500, which doesn’t leave much room for anything approaching actually new parts.

Enable Pasting into vim in Windows 10

Open Powershell as an Adminstrator, then use the vim command:

:edit $MYVIMRC

which will edit your .vimrc whereever it is then added this to it:

source $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim

behave mswin

and then save via the usual route.