• Another Restricted Shell Article

  • Continued working on Simply Scheme Project: Scoring Poker Hands. I have found this exercise very challenging. From a top down perspective, I have either figured out how to or actually written the code to implement the program. I also have been able to write the code to determine flushes and the various pair hands.

    However, I am strugg working through a function to determine straights and to sort the cards by rank. More specifically, I think I understand how to implement a sort, but only if I have boolean primitive that I can use to determine which of two values comes first. I am sure that there is an easy solution that I am missing. Normally when I feel like this, I have missed something simple. To that end, I am re-reading the entire recursion section (section IV). I some ideas on how to implement this boolean function, but hope clarify my thinking on this into something useful while reviewing.

  • Markdown notation of the day the strike through, by ~~strike through~~.

  • Second Markdown notation tip of the day: You can create multi-paragraph list items by including a blank line between the first and second paragraphs of the list item and being sure to include at least one space before the start of the second paragraph so that markdown will indent it as part of the list.

  • vim command of the day: Jump to the end of the previous line: k$. Not really an independent command, or really difficult, but useful.

  • Began working on a script that would find and combine all of the PDF files on a webpage. It may develop into full blown python module at some point, but at this point it is going to live as a single python script in my personal Github repository. As ancillary parts of this/general coding knowledge, I will need to install and begin learning BeautifulSoup and Requests. At least.

  • Read through a lot of the Jekyll websites documentation. I have both some formating, functional, and stylistic changes that I want to make to my website that I hope to be able to implement after reading the docs and probably learning a bit more about CSS and HTML.