22 Sep 2020

Today has solely consisted of playing around/struggling with the hack-the-box devel machine. While there are write ups of how to do this machine(including ones that I have done in the past, which I only have a very foggy recollection of), I am trying to work through this as nearly on my own as I can. I think I have a basic plan of attack and have been able to get an unelevated shell by uploading a .asp webshell that I was able to use to run a netcat shell that I hosted on a SMB server. Right now I am reviewing my powershell knowledge(mostly as an excuse to do this, I know that I could just look up the specifc way to do this) so that I can try to run the sherlock.ps1 exploit discoverer from the smb server. I know that I could use metasploit or the windows-vuln python script, but I would like to see if I can get it to work doing it this way.

Overall I am quite impressed so far and highly recommend it to any parents with either Aspies or “explosive” kids.

- Chapter 8 of [The Twilight of the God](https://amzn.to/3hZRUmR).