This is the first of a set of articles on writing using VIM and $\LaTeX$ to author various types of documents.


In my case, because I really like editing with VIM and I like the ecosystem of plugins that allow for easy and powerful customization that allow NVIM to serve as powerful IDE as well as a fast and universal text editor. For more of an explination of this look for my VIM series as soon as it is ready.

Why $\LaTeX$?

Seperation of content/structure and appearance

In addition to there being many ways to create basic text, there are also a miriad of ways to produce a finished, formatted document. Many applications such as Microsoft Word combine these two functions, as well as providing tools for structuring your document as well. $\LaTeX$ provides a way to create the content and structure of a document independent of what it looks like and then produce a document with the formatting that you want. This does two things.

The first is that it allows for the creation of content without having to worry about how it will ultimately look. This allows you to concentrate on the actual content you are creating rather than worrying about making sure that it is going to look right when you output it. The second half of the first point(which probably could really be its own point) is that when you are creating the content you are explicitly creating the structure as well, which is an upside since structure is actually PART of the content. This also allows for the creation of documents like Anki flashcards directly from .tex documents

The second is that it makes consistent formatting easier. You don’t have to go through the Word document from this year and the one from last year for your annual report to make sure that the formatting is the same or copy and paste this years content into a copy of last years document. Instead you can create a formatting document and then use this to render your final document each time, easily creating consistent documents.

Easy Math and Symbols

Content Management with git.

Setting Up LaTeX LSP

What do wee need?