This is my personal page, mostly for the documentation of my journey into the IT/infosec world, but also of some of my other interests like bikes, fishing, and building things. I view the world as a river that we are traveling along and there are many different experiences and challenges that we can choose to embrace. This is small snippets of my story.

This page will eventually(hopefully) consist of both daily logs of my work and projects as well as more specialized pages that provide in-depth information about various subjects. This will probably be a long time coming, and it is entirely possible that many of the daily logs may be somewhat tedious and uninteresting. This is doubly the case, as at present I am not a particulary skilled writer and the improvement of my writing is certainly at least an ancillary goal for this page. Additional goals are documentation of my skills and experiences, the provision of a place for me to write things down in a way that will be useful to myself as well as others in the future, and hopefully to eventually showcase my work.